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The Hangin’ Judge

Ben Carson was a real no-good…lazy and without drive or ambition in his life. His crime spree gets noticed and the notorious Hangin’ Judge assigns Federal Marshall Jeremiah Cash to hunt down this scourge to society…and he takes that job seriously.

The Youngest Avenger

In the poor rural midwest, many a young man relished the opportunity of landing a good paying job. Even a temporary job was a rare blessing; but this offer, guarding a Wells Fargo stage coach carrying a shipment of gold was also a dangerous job.

Runaway Killer

After a lifetime of abuse, 16-year old Hezekiah, a slave in Mississippi rises up to kill his owner and escape North to supposed freedom. On the run, he tries to find a way to access the ‘underground railroad’ but is duped by a wily slaver hoping to claim a bounty on the runaway.

Death Becomes Him

Nate and Cotton are shocked to learn Rebekah’s aunt has been murdered by one of her boarders, Tom Davis of the Davis gang—a known low-life and outlaw. Nate and companions all agree they must help Rebekah again and track down this villain

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